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Archaeological Excavations in Sudan

Artificial Blood from the Warsaw University of Technology

Białystok PLUS Study – Race Against the Diseases of Civilisation

Cancer Immunotherapy: A Story of How One Atom Has Been Substituted

Centre of New Technologies University of Warsaw: A Partner of the Scientific Community

Climate Change: How Trees Adapt

COALBYPRO – Carbon Dioxide Captured in a Mineral

DELab UW – Studies of Digital Economy, Society and Politics

Development of biotisation technology for commercial organic berry fruit production

Discovering New Applications of Lasers

ENVIROTEX: Fabrics that Can Protect Humans

European Centre for Bioinformatics and Genomics: Multi-level Studies of Biological Systems

Expert Help for Patients with Rare Diseases

FAMO Laboratories – Extensive Research in Physics

Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre: The Bard in Classic and Avant-garde Style

How Has the Language of the Aztecs Changed?

Human Insulin Analogues of a Prolonged Activity

Innovative Approach to Social Cognition

International Centre for Theory of Quantum Technologies – Innovative Centre of Excellence

Luminescent Chemical Sensors –as a Source of Information

NCBJ: From Fundamental Research to Production of Radiopharmaceuticals

NEOLEK: Integrated Laboratory of Experimental Oncology and Innovative Technologies

New insights into the molecular and genetic basis of severe neurological disorders in humans

Polish Polar Station Hornsund – a Unique Place for Research

Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center: Where the Technologies of the Future Are Born

Prof. Paweł Chmielarz among the youngest titular professors in Poland

Scientists Investigate a Manuscript Collection

Skarżyński’s Method of Partial Deafness Treatment – the Polish School in Otosurgery in World Science

SOLARIS Synchrotron: A Unique Device in Central and Eastern Europe

Speeding up the Degradation of Plastic – Innovation with the Use of Nature

TESTOPLEK: The Role of Multidrug Resistance Transporters

The Cyclotron Centre Bronowice – Cancer Radiotherapy and Basic Research Combined

The OGLE Project – the Largest Sky Survey Worldwide

Trojan Horse to Fight Cancer

TUgbOAT: Search for a Universal Algorithm

Valuable Plant Extracts and Probiotics to Save Bees

Wrocław Walk Again – Reconstruction of Severed Spinal Cord

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