Gaseous heavy metals discovered in the second known interstellar comet

28 July 2021
Nickel vapours found within the atmosphere of the icy interstellar comet 2I/Borisov. The finding was made by Piotr Guzik and Michal Drahus, scientists based at the Astronomical Observatory of the […] [+]

Muscle-derived exophers promote reproductive fitness – new horizons in research on the exophers

22 July 2021
Every part of our body is made up of cells – small units that work together. Although there are many different types of cells, they all have a few things […] [+]

Extinct for 273 million years? A “Living Fossil” found in the depths of the Pacific Ocean

13 July 2021
The team of Polish and Japanese scientists led by a palaeontologist Mikolaj Zapalski of the University of Warsaw in Poland found corals on crinoid stalks that are thought to disappear […] [+]

At the forefront of materials research: perovskite cells, Dr. Olga Malinkiewicz and Saule Technologies

13 July 2021
The world’s first factory producing perovskite photovoltaic cells was opened on 1 June 2021 in Wroclaw. The plant belongs to Saule Technologies, a company whose co-founder and director of technology […] [+]

The Zhangpu biota. What can mid-Miocene organisms preserved in amber teach us about the future?

13 July 2021
After nearly a decade of research, an international team led by prof. Bo Wang and prof. Gongle Shi from the Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology of the Chinese Academy […] [+]

Older than the Stonehenge. The largest megalithic structures discovered in Poland

13 July 2021
In March 2021, a discovery of the largest megalithic cemetery in Poland was revealed in Dębiany in south-central Poland, Świętokrzyskie Province. The cemetery is dated to be at least 5500 […] [+]

Polish scientists among the most influential researchers in the world

13 July 2021
As many as 726 scientists from Poland were included in the list of the most-cited researchers from around the globe prepared by Stanford University. Who are the authors and co-authors […] [+]

NASA, diversity and Mars rovers – meet Dr Artur B. Chmielewski

13 July 2021
It is not – nomen omen – rocket science if we state that one of the greatest motivations to study and work abroad is following one’s passion. The profile of […] [+]

A unique discovery: the only known embalmed pregnant Egyptian mummy

13 July 2021
Polish scientists have discovered that the mummy in the collection at the National Museum in Warsaw contains a pregnant woman’s body. Until 2016, the mummy was thought to hide the […] [+]
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