Metals against coronavirus! Chemists from the University of Lodz in an international research team

28 February 2022
Can organometallic compounds prove to be an effective weapon in the fight against the SARS-CoV-2 virus? It turns out that yes, they can! This has been confirmed by the results […] [+]

Solidarity with Ukraine

24 February 2022
Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange expresses its readiness to help students and scientists from Ukraine. The experience of helping Belarusians after the repressions related to undemocratic elections that took […] [+]

We Are Celebrating the Polish Science Day

19 February 2022
The Polish Science Day is to be an inspiration to follow in the footsteps of Polish researchers and to strengthen interest in science. ‘Stopped the Sun, moved the Earth. Of […] [+]

The Polish Science Week at EXPO Dubai 2020 – visit the Poland Pavilion!

18 February 2022
From 17 to 23 February at the EXPO Dubai, scientists, students, but also all visitors including children, will have the opportunity to get to know Polish science. There will also […] [+]

Use of heat-storing phase-change materials in building structures

17 February 2022
Climate change and the increasing demand for energy, including heat, have become global challenges. One of the options for reducing the thermal energy demand of buildings is to make more […] [+]

Scientists from the University of Lodz are members of an international team that is building LST-1 telescope

14 February 2022
LST, the Large Size Telescope with a 23-meter diameter parabolic reflective surface, is the largest of the telescopes that will become part of the global observatory of Cherenkov Telescope Array […] [+]

The Ulam NAWA Programme – fellowships for incoming researchers in Poland!

13 February 2022
The Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) is pleased to announce the fourth edition of the programme for post-doctoral incoming researchers: The Ulam NAWA Programme. We would like to […] [+]

Towards the future – engineers from Wroclaw have designed a robot based on human anatomy

9 February 2022
What would you feel when looking at a robot almost entirely based on human anatomy? Excitement, anxiety, fear? If you want to find out, watch a short video by Lucas Kozlik […] [+]
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