132 years ago Stefan Banach, one of the most well known Polish mathematicians, was born

30 March 2024
Today is the birthday of Stefan Banach, one of the most important and influential mathematicians of the 20th century. In the reference database “Zentralblatt für Mathematik”, covering mathematical works published […] [+]

Webinar on Polish-French mobility

22 March 2024
Do you dream of broadening your scientific horizons? Do you want to explore new research perspectives and develop your skills in an international environment? Or perhaps benefit from research infrastructure […] [+]

Call for applications to Bekker NAWA Programme is now open!

21 March 2024
Polish scientists, once again, can apply for scholarships for mobility and conducting research in the best centers around the world under the Bekker NAWA program. Thanks to the Bekker NAWA […] [+]

Get inspired by young scientists from the Medical University of Gdańsk

19 March 2024
The time has come for the world to hear about scientists from the Medical University of Gdańsk. This time, not about the experienced and well-known ones, but about others – […] [+]

Where to find meteorites in Poland and how to identify them?

18 March 2024
Meteorites are the oldest pieces of matter we can find on Earth. Scientists accurately calculate their age to be 4.567 billion years. There are several places in Poland where they […] [+]

Celebrating International Women’s Day with NAWA beneficiaries

8 March 2024
Happy International Women’s Day!  This day  is a reminder to recognize and appreciate the invaluable contribution of women in shaping our world. On this occasion we present 8 female NAWA […] [+]

The call for applications for the POLONISTA NAWA programme is open!

6 March 2024
Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange announce the call for applications for the 6th edition of the POLONISTA NAWA programme. Its aim is to promote the Polish language and popularize Polish […] [+]

“The List of Top 100 2023: Medicine. ‘Puls Medycyny’ announced the results of the most influential people in Polish medicine.

5 March 2024
For the 21st time, the editors of ‘Puls Medycyny’ announced the results of the prestigious contest of the “List of the 100” most influential people in Polish medicine.  This year’s […] [+]

Get ready for the APAIE conference in Perth! NAWA and 12 Polish universities have arrived in Australia.

4 March 2024
This Tuesday we start our meetings in Australia. Take a look at the schedule of our meeting for the APAIE Conference & Exhibition in Perth. The annual conference of APAIE […] [+]
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