How does pollution impact bird colours? Polish scientists know the reason

10 April 2024
Polish scientists looked at the feather and body colours of birds. The study was conducted to see if environmental pollution and the type of pollution affect the birds’ colouration. Polish […] [+]

Will artificial intelligence create an antibiotic?

8 April 2024
The researchers from the University of Warsaw developed an innovative artificial intelligence model that generates antibiotics and published their findings in “Nature Communications” journal. According to the World Health Organization […] [+]

MAPS call for multilateral research projects is open!

5 April 2024
The Swiss National Science Foundation has launched the MAPS (Multilateral Academic Projects) call for projects carried out by scientists based in Switzerland in collaboration with research teams from Poland, Bulgaria, […] [+]

Call for applications under joint research projects between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of Poland!

4 April 2024
NAWA  together with its German partner DAAD  invites applications for joint research projects between the Republic of Poland and Germany. The aim of the call for applications is to support […] [+]

11 Outstanding Scientists to Come Back to Polish Universities

3 April 2024
The Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) has announced the results of the 7th edition of the Polish Returns programme. Eleven scientists will come back from abroad, among others […] [+]
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