5 April 2024

The Swiss National Science Foundation has launched the MAPS (Multilateral Academic Projects) call for projects carried out by scientists based in Switzerland in collaboration with research teams from Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, and Romania.  Applications can be submitted until the end of June.

As announced by the National Centre for Science (NCN), Polish teams in the MAPS Call will be funded by the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme. Researchers may request funding of their basic research projects in all academic disciplines. Apart from a Swiss team (project leader), the international consortium comprising Polish researchers must include at least one partner from another participating country.

The MAPS call is addressed to experienced researchers who, on the closing date for proposal submission, have been PhD holders for at least four years. Additionally, the Principal Investigator of the Polish component of the joint research project must be qualified to lead research teams. They will be evaluated by the Swiss agency (SNSF) based on the information provided in the application.

Research projects can be planned for a period of 36 to 48 months.

The maximum amount of funding for each team in each country is 350,000 francs.  All costs of the Polish part of the project are covered by the SNSF. The competition is not co-financed by NCN or any other Polish institution.

The Swiss project leader submits a proposal under the MAPS call by Monday, 1 July this year. Projects will be subject to a multi-stage merit-based evaluation.

The call results will be published once the evaluation procedure is over, by the end of April 2025.

Projects may start in May 2025 and must end by 30 June 2029.

For more details, visit the NCN website.