A struggle for engaging and reliable research communication: Popularizer of Science 2021

29 December 2021
Popularisation of scientific research is currently one of the major challenges related to the social impact of universities’ activities. “Translating” complicated jargon into a language understandable to broader audiences can […] [+]

The Birth of Stars

22 December 2021
How does ultraviolet radiation influence the process of forming new stars and the entire planetary systems? The topic remained largely unexplored until Dr. Agata Karska from Nicolaus Copernicus University in […] [+]

Computer like the human brain – research by scientists of the University of Lodz

21 December 2021
A group of physicists from the University of Lodz is investigating whether it is possible to construct a computer from two-dimensional materials, i.e., materials with a thickness of one or […] [+]

Hasan Maridi – from Yemen to Poland. A story of a displaced scientist

14 December 2021
  In 2015 Hasan Maridi survived a humanitarian disaster in Yemen. “This conflict, war, and siege left one of the largest humanitarian disasters in the world with more than one […] [+]

A recipe for a conspiracy theory – memes and neuroscience

3 December 2021
Conspiracy theories have become a widely spread problem due to the digital revolution and the fake news epidemic that follows. They feed extremisms, and we can observe their dangerous effects […] [+]
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