Deadly delays: from fighting against old medical dogmas to Time 100 – Prof. Lidia Morawska

23 November 2021
“I started looking into the topic of airborne transmission, and I realised to my absolute amazement that there was barely any science at all”, says Prof. Lidia Morawska, a champion […] [+]

Join NAWA Alumni Community!

19 November 2021
  The Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange has launched a new platform for building an international community among alumni of the agency’s programs. This is a new tool, that will allow […] [+]

An Arctic Mars – a Polish research station reactivated

17 November 2021
On November 10, 2021, a team of scientists left from the German port of Bremerhaven. They will reach the South Pole in two months to reopen the Antoni Boleslaw Dobrowolski […] [+]

Field Biology Awards: Marta Kolanowska, PhD, DSc on the trail of unknown species of orchids

15 November 2021
Orchids are one of the most diverse groups of plants globally, with over 27,000 species described so far. But for Dr Marta Kolanowska, each newly discovered orchid species is an […] [+]
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