4 July 2024

Prof Dariusz Stramski of the University of California San Diego has been awarded the Nils Gunnar Jerlov Medal. This medal, awarded by The Oceanography Society (TOS), is one of the world’s most prestigious scientific awards in oceanology.

The award was given in recognition of the professor’s significant and wide-ranging contributions to the field of optical oceanography. The scientist will receive the Medal at the Ocean Optics XXVI conference, which will be held in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain, between 6 and 11 October 2024.

According to TOS, during a scientific career spanning more than 40 years, Prof Stramski has had a profound impact on ocean optics research. Born in Poland, he received an MSc with honours in oceanography (1978) and a PhD in Earth Sciences (1985) from the University of Gdansk. His research began with groundbreaking measurements of wave-induced underwater light fluctuations during his graduate studies, which laid the foundation for his lifelong dedication to understanding the complex interactions between light and seawater.His subsequent work has encompassed a diverse array of topics spanning radiative transfer in the ocean, the application of optical methods in oceanography, and the development of innovative optical technologies.

Dr. Stramski’s contributions in more than 100 peer-reviewed publications are vast and varied. He has explored the interactions of light with numerous marine particles, from viruses and colloids to phytoplankton, minerals, and bubbles. His meticulous experiments have measured both absorption and scattering properties across a broad spectral range, in addition to detailed characterizations of concentration, composition, and size distribution of suspended particulate matter.

According to TOS, beyond his research, Dr. Stramski is celebrated as a distinguished collaborator, thorough editor, excellent educator, and influential mentor. He has led numerous research projects, participated in many oceanographic expeditions in various regions of the world’s ocean, and has been actively involved in teaching and various professional activities. He has served as an Associate Editor of the journal Limnology and Oceanography and a member of expert panels, working groups, and science teams, with notable contributions to IOCCG and NASA MODIS, VIIRS, and PACE missions. He is also a Foreign Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

“I feel greatly honoured and humbled by this award, not least because, as a Pole, I have been able to find myself among an elite group of scientists awarded such a prestigious distinction for the greatest scientific achievements in the field of oceanology . The Polish Academy of Sciences played a fundamental role in my professional life at a time when I was developing my knowledge in the early years of my career and when my scientific identity was taking shape. At that time I was working at the Institute of Oceanology PAS, and my mentor and supervisor for my master’s thesis and doctoral thesis was Prof. Jerzy Dera. Having worked abroad for many years, I still maintain close contact with Prof. Dera and my colleagues from IOPAN, collaborating with them scientifically and publishing many joint papers (…)”. – says Prof. Stramski, quoted by PAN.