11 July 2024

“In the latest Best Global Universities Subject Ranking in the field of engineering, the Opole University of Technology was among the distinguished 12 Polish universities, rising from 9th to 4th place,” announced Anna Kułynycz from the Opole University of Technology on Sunday.

In this year’s edition of the U.S. News Best Global Universities Subject Ranking on Engineering, 2,460 universities from almost a hundred countries around the world were considered. Out of 281 European universities, 12 universities from Poland were included in the ranking. As Professor Marcin Lorenc, Rector of the Opole University of Technology, emphasized, the university has advanced in several categories over the past year.

“The Opole University of Technology was included in the ranking for the first time in the engineering area last year, reaching 9th place in the country and 747th in the world. This year, only 12 Polish universities were included in the ranking. Our university is ranked 4th in Poland and has risen to 417th in the world. Such a high advancement in the world means one thing: science and research at our university are at a very high level. This is important news also for university candidates, who increasingly pay attention to world rankings,” – Prof Lorenc pointed out.

ph: Opole University of Technology

A year ago, Prof. Grzegorz Królczyk, Vice-Chancellor for Science and Development of the Opole University of Technology, said, “I realistically assess that the Opole University of Technology has the potential to belong to the top five hundred in the world in engineering areas.” He now comments on the promotion by 330 places worldwide: “It is undoubtedly gratifying that the daily hard scientific work of our community brings such success. This is due to the increased quality of our research and not the trend of publishing a large number of papers in mediocre journals.”

The top three places on the podium in this category among Polish polytechnic universities were taken by the Gdansk University of Technology, the AGH University of Science and Technology, and the Silesian University of Technology.

As reported by the university, data for the ranking is collected from annual surveys and is based on 13 indicators. These include, for example, the number of publications, the reputation of local and global research, citations, or international cooperation. The ‘engineering’ category includes publications across a range of engineering disciplines. Publications in this category focus on the design, construction, and use of structures, machines, and systems, from aerospace, mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering to nuclear energy, applied artificial intelligence, and robotics.

The U.S. News Best Global Universities Subject Ranking is not the only international objective ranking that rates the Opole University of Technology highly. Opole University of Technology is the only university in the Opole region to be included in the Shanghai List, the world’s largest scientific ranking, taking first place in Poland in the area of mechanical engineering. Globally, it ranks between 101st and 150th of the world’s best universities. To date, no Polish university has been ranked so high globally.