6 May 2024

The National Agency for Academic Exchange – NAWA  and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Italy – MAECI invite applications for funding of joint research projects carried out by researchers from the Republic of Poland and the Italian Republic.

Joint research projects aim to support the mobility of Polish-Italian research teams.  Applications may be submitted by institutions of science and higher education.

This year’s call for proposals is open only for the following thematic areas:

  • Agriculture and Food
  • Sustainable environment
  • Health and life sciences
  • Nanosciences and advanced materials
  • Astrophysics (observation of the Universe from a ground-based GW detector: impact of environmental noise, low noise electronics, high precision optics)

The call for applications runs until 17 June 2024 at 15:00 local time for Warsaw.

Applications for funding may be submitted by entities referred to  article 7(1)(1-8) of the a.s.w.n in agreement with an entity from a partner country. This means that the application for funding is submitted by a Polish unit to NAWA and by a foreign unit to a partner institution with which NAWA conducts funding. The final list of beneficiaries is agreed by both partner institutions. The maximum amount of co-financing is PLN 30 000. This amount may only be used for the mobility of research teams.

The merit selection process carried out by NAWA experts will assess the scientific significance of the proposed project, the proposed research methodology, the qualifications and experience of both research teams in the Project area and the importance of the scientific cooperation undertaken and the prospects for its continuation. Additional points will be awarded for meeting additional criteria indicated in individual competitions. Projects that pass the subsequent selection stages, i.e. formal and content-related evaluation, will be informed of the result in December 2024. The implementation of the two-year projects can start from 01 January 2025.

Details of the call are available HERE

Collaborative research projects FAQ

Information on the call for applications on the Italian website is available HERE.