1 May 2024
On May 1st, Poland celebrates the 20th anniversary of EU membership. This historic step opened new horizons for Polish universities. Investments in infrastructure and support for scientific projects have made Polish institutions more attractive to researchers worldwide.

Polish scientists have access to research funding from the EU Framework Programmes, such as Erasmus+, MSCA, the EURAXESS network and European Universities – a new formula for international partnerships, enabling them to compete with the best from other member states.

The European Research Council (ERC) grants provide exceptional support for the most promising research projects.  Polish scientists are experiencing increasing success in securing these grants, as evidenced by the results from 2023. Since the founding of the European Research Council (2007), Polish researchers have brought home a total of 75 ERC grants in all categories. 11 of them have won an ERC grant more than once.

Poland became a member of the EU’s largest academic exchange program Erasmus+ for doctoral students, students, academics, and university staff. Over the past 20 years, more than 208,000 students from abroad have come to Poland through Erasmus. Every year, the European Commission allocates an increasing amount to the Erasmus+ program.

The 2022 Annual Report by the European Commission shows that Poland is the sixth most popular destination in Europe for students coming through Erasmus+. 1

European Universities

Poland is also a major player in the European Universities initiative, fostering integration in study programs, resource sharing, and educational mobility. These consortia aim to deepen teaching and research collaboration by integrating study programs, sharing resources and infrastructure, promoting student mobility, and building partnerships with local authorities and businesses. Currently, there are 50 European Universities in Europe, with 23 universities from all over Poland actively involved.2

Integration with the European Union has brought numerous benefits to the Polish academic and scientific community. These include the exchange of knowledge and experiences, the fostering of international relationships, and significant support for scientific research and innovation. Let this anniversary serve as an opportunity for further integration and unity within our academic and scientific community, fostering mutual respect and striving for even greater achievements.

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2. https://www.frse.org.pl/czytelnia/european-universities-in-poland