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Deadline for submitting the proposals:28/01/2022 - 31/03/2022
Published by:Narodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju NCBR

National Centre for Research and Development

Contact:Tel. 48 22 39 07 170
Tel. 48 22 39 07 191
E-mail: info@ncbr.gov.pl

Thematic area I – Railway traffic safety

Issue 1.1 – Development of an innovative Railway Vehicle Warning System – SOPK

Issue 1.2 – Development of a line dispatcher support system

Issue 1.3 – Development of a method of managing environmental hazards affecting the safety of railway traffic Thematic area II – Development of energy efficiency

Issue 2.1 – Implementation of bidirectional traction substations and energy storage to increase network receptivity and improve energy efficiency and reliability on railways

Issue 2.2 – Increasing the energy efficiency of the Electric Heating of Turnouts – EOR Thematic area III – Development of pro-ecological solutions

Issue 3.1 – Innovative solutions enabling the use of photocatalytic concrete on the infrastructure managed by PKP PLK S.A.

Issue 3.2 – Development of a system for precise monitoring of the network of railway lines managed by PKP PLK S.A. in terms of the impact of rail traffic on the environment and to process information about the traffic, technical and environmental data on this network.

Issue 3.3 – Development of innovative and pro-ecological solutions to combat vegetation on railway lines managed by PKP PLK S.A. Thematic area IV – Improvement of the diagnostic process

Issue 4.1 – The concept of using the point cloud from scanning measurements to model spatial objects located near the railway track for the needs of the railway line manager (in terms of e.g. property management, oversized transport, maintenance needs, etc.).

Issue 4.2 – Innovative solutions enabling the implementation of defectoscopic examinations of rails at speeds from 60 km / h to 120 km / h

Issue 4.3 – Innovative solutions in the field of radiological testing of rails with the R60E1 or E2 profile

Issue 4.4 – Development of an innovative Railway Infrastructure Monitoring System (SMSIK)

More information:https://www.gov.pl/web/ncbr/brik-ii


Joint Undertaking of NCBR – PKP PLK S.A. consisting in supporting scientific research and development works in the area of ​​railway infrastructure called Research and Development in Railway Infrastructure – BRIK, competition II. The implementation of the BRIK Joint Undertaking will contribute to the improvement of the technical condition of the railway network, reduction of the negative impact of rail transport on the environment, more efficient maintenance and modernization of the railway infrastructure and improvement of safety. Moreover, the implementation of the Joint Undertaking will enable the development of innovative IT systems, which will increase the competitiveness of rail transport in relation to other means of transport. At the same time, it is assumed that the implementation of the results of research and development projects implemented under the Joint Undertaking will positively affect the financial results of PLK S.A., providing modern solutions that optimize the costs of railway infrastructure management. The main goal of the Project is to increase the innovation and competitiveness of rail transport by 2033. The specific goals are: Increased R&D activity in the area of ​​railway infrastructure. Increase in the number of innovative solutions in the area of ​​railway infrastructure. Improving the efficiency of operation and management of railway infrastructure. Reducing the negative impact of rail transport on the environment.


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