The Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange

NAWA is a new institution that was established on October 1st, 2017. It is set up to coordinate state activties driving the process of internationalization of Polish

academic and research institutions. The mission of NAWA is to foster the development of Poland in the area of science and higher education.

NAWA goals:

  • Support international mobility of students, academics and researchers
  • Support the process of internationalization of Polish HEIs and research institutions
  • Promote Polish science and higher education
  • Promote and popularize teaching of the Polish language

Those objectives are to be achieved through a wide range of Agency’s programmes:

The legal basis for appointing the Agency is The ACT on the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange

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The aim of the Ulam Programme is to increase the internationalisation of Polish institutions of science and higher education. The Programme will allow both recognised and promising scientists who hold at least a doctoral degree, to visit Poland in order to strengthen the scientific potential of Polish entities and to participate in their scientific activities, primarily research projects and didactics.  The Programme will allow to invite scientists regardless of their age, from all around the world and representing all fields of science, including Polish scientists working permanently abroad (they may constitute a maximum of 10% of Fellows in the call). HEIs, scientific and research institutes will have the opportunity to invite specialists from their priority areas to Poland – they will make a significant contribution to the research conducted by a given institution, strengthen didactics or support the institution in applying for prestigious grants.



The objective of The Ulam Programme – Seal of Excellence is to help foreign researchers to develop their careers by intensifying international mobility and to allow them to establish scientific cooperation with excellent host institutions in Poland. The application under the Program shall be submitted individually by a scientist with at least a doctoral degree or an equivalent degree obtained abroad, who, together with the institution of the Polish higher education and science system, has obtained the Seal of Excellence certificate under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Individual Fellowships programme. NAWA recognizes the SoE certificate as a binding verification of the quality of the application. Financing under the Programme includes monthly Scholarship for the duration of the scientific stay at a Polish Host Centre, including the cost of living, mobility allowance and a training allowance.



The aim of the Polish Returns Programme is to allow prominent Polish scientists to return to their country and take up employment in Polish higher education institutions, scientific units or research institutes. The Programme will create optimal conditions for returning scientists to conduct world-class scientific research or developmental work in Poland. The funds obtained under the Polish Returns Programme are to ensure salaries for Returning Scientists and allow them to create a Project Group (research team). Polish higher education institutions, scientific units and research institutes will be able to acquire specialists with international experience and knowledge in the field of the newest research trends in their scientific discipline.



The objective of the NAWA Chair programme is to support the highest quality scientific and research as well as didactic activities conducted by Polish academic and scientific units by including world-class foreign scientists in these activities.

The programme is addressed to selected institutions of the higher education and science system, among others Polish universities, scientific institutes and research institutes. They will be allowed to invite to Poland outstanding specialists from thematic priority areas, who will significantly develop breakthrough research, strengthen their teaching activities and support these institutions in preparing applications for prestigious grants.



The objective of the programme is to enhance the teaching and practical potential of higher education institutions that offer education in medical professions. The programme will consist in inviting medical researchers, medical practitioners (including dentists), nurses and midwives from the European Union or the United Kingdom who hold the relevant professional licence and are competent to teach students/PhD candidates at the applying HEIs. Thus, the programme will help expand international cooperation in the broad area of medical sciences and to share the best practices in the above professions.



The objective of the Program is to promote Polish language in the world by enabling foreigners interested in Polish language and Polish culture to study or carry out research projects in Poland. The program is addressed to students of Polish philology, Polish studies or Polish programs implemented among others as part of Slavic studies (in the field of Polish language, Polish culture and knowledge about Poland) as well as to scientists from foreign universities and scientific institutions.



The main goal of the Program is systemic support for the internationalization of doctoral schools.



The aim of the project is to create a mechanism of financial support for scholarship exchange of PhD candidates and academic staff programmes.  These programmes will enable participation in short forms of education (lasting from 5 to 30 days) which are aimed at increasing competences and qualifications. The project will contribute to the improvement of accessibility of international education programmes and will increase the mobility of the personnel both in the field of visits of representatives of Polish universities and scientific institutions abroad as well as arrivals of scholarship holders to Poland, including people from outside the EU.



The objective of the Programme is to develop durable solutions in the area of scientific, implementation and teaching process cooperation, pursued within the framework of international academic partnerships. The results of the project should provide a foundation for the development of a long-lasting cooperation of entities forming a Partnership. Projects implemented under the Programme shall be in line with a long-term development policy of an Applicant and Partners.


CEEPUS PROGRAMME – Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies

The principal objective of the CEEPUS Agreement is to support the academic exchange in terms of education, student work placement and in-service academic teacher training. By providing funding for academic mobility, the agreement allows for intensification of cooperation between HEIs in different countries which are the Parties to the Agreement.

Polish CEEPUS Office


Exchange programme for students and scientists as part of bilateral cooperation

The objective of the Programme is to increase the level of internationalization of Polish higher education, establish academic cooperation and implement it through exchange of students and academic researchers based on international agreements between Poland and partner countries and bilateral cooperation at the national or ministerial level. Scholarship visits carried out under the programme will grant possibility to initiate or expand cooperation between academic centres in Poland and abroad, as well as to improve the specialist expertise of participating representatives of academia. Thanks to exchange of students, doctoral students and scientists under international agreements, relations between partner countries will be developed and mutual understanding, trust and respect will be strengthened.