Horizon Europe is the EU flagship Research and Innovation Programme that will replace Horizon 2020.

Its 2021-2027 budget of EUR 95.5 billion makes it unprecedented tool in terms of supporting European Science – rise of the allocated funds of approximately 30% in comparison with its predecessor and more generally – the world largest research and innovation programme. One can observe that its goals combines both research and political elements – to strengthen European technological sovereignty, competitiveness and sustainable society.

Despite being European in root, Horizon Europe in fact is global programme for several reasons. One of them are challenges that it will try to face as  “Health” (particularly important against the background of pandemic) and “Climate, energy and mobility” and a few others. Another is significant participation of 3rd party countries

Having excellent experience with previous “Horizon”, Polish scientific and research institutes and universities are eager to participate in the edition of the programme even more actively. With EUR 660 mln allocated to Polish science from Horizon 2020, more than 800 beneficiaries and almost 1800 projects and dense net of both EU (primarily Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and the United Kingdom) and non-EU partners there is huge appetite for having more excellent science.