Location (city):on-line
Event type:conference
Date:09/12/2021 - 10/12/2021
Published by:Narodowa Agencja Wymiany Akademickiej

MIDI 2021 is organised by the National Information Processing Institute in Warsaw (Poland), which conducts research in the most inspiring areas of IT, such as artificial intelligence, semantic text analysis, human-computer interaction and user experience. The MIDI 2021 organisation is also supported by:

The Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology
Warsaw, Poland

Łódź University of Technology
Łódź, Poland

The Systems Research Institute Polish Academy of Science
Warsaw, Poland

Keywords:artificial intelligence, AI, human-artificial systems collaboration, Machine Intelligence, Digital Interaction

+48 22 570 14 00

al. Niepodległości 188b
00-608 Warsaw, Poland

MIDI International Conference offers a global forum for presenting design tools, methods, techniques, solutions and novel approaches for integrating people and intelligent technologies. The conference is a quality-oriented event with a limited number of participants in order to stimulate lively, thought-provoking discussions, and to provide conditions for establishing memorable personal contact. In 2020 the scope of the MIDI Conference has been extended to interactions taking place between humans and “smart” systems based on various types of machine intelligence.

Since 2012, the MIDI Conference has been known for giving participants spark inspirations for their own projects and igniting their research ideas. In 2021 the MIDI Conference will be held as a virtual event. The organisers decided that the participation in the conference will be available free of charge.

Most of the conference activities will be carried out using the videoconferencing solutions, but we plan to organise also some of the social events in using openly available virtual reality platforms.


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