Mateusz Rajchel, BEng, PhD, has received a grant from the National Centre for Research and Development in the LIDER XIII program

24 March 2023
Mateusz Rajchel, BEng, PhD, of the Department of Roads and Bridges The Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture at Rzeszów University of Technology has been awarded a grant […] [+]

POLONIST NAWA – applications invited!

8 March 2023
Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange announce the call for applications for the fifth edition of the NAWA Polonist Programme. Its aim is to promote the Polish language and popularise […] [+]

Lost Highways, Forgotten Travels

3 March 2023
What is the relationship between experimental film, genre studies and the body? How do makers experiment with and challenge some key conventions of the road movie, often identified as one […] [+]

Dr Michał Seweryn from the University of Lodz Helps to Develop a New Method for Lung Cancer Treatment

2 March 2023
A scientist from the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection, and Centre for Data Analysis, Modelling and Computational Sciences (CAMINO), working at the Biobank Laboratory of the largest university in […] [+]
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