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Position:Assistant profesor
Location (city):Warsaw
Name of insitution:Uniwersytet Warszawski
Organizational unit:Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw
Application deadline:16/08/2021
Keywords:inequality, mobility, digital data sources, databases, data harmonisation, big data
Additional information:

The “Excellence Initiative – Research University” is a programme of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MEiN), which gives the University of Warsaw opportunities for raising the quality of its academic research and education, thereby increasing the international prestige of the University.

The recruited individual for the position of assistant professor will carry out their responsibilities as part of Action I.3.9 “Human mobility and inequalities as seen through digital datasources”. The main objective of the activity is to create a research program using new types of data (satellite data, spatial data, geospatial data, data from social media and mobile phones, administrative data, etc.) in innovative research on determinants, and measurements of the effects of territorial mobility, social mobility, and economic inequality.

Attachments: Klauzula-RODO_postdoc.docx (0.3 MB)


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