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Position:Assistant profesor, Post-doc
Location (city):Warsaw
Name of insitution:Polska Akademia Nauk PAN
Organizational unit:Institute of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences (ICS PAS), Statistical Analysis and Modelling Group
Application deadline:03/09/2021
Keywords:post-doc, Associate profesor, Artificial Intelligence
Additional information:

A full-time post-doc contract salary will be provided by the research project no. 2020/02/Y/ST6/00064, entitled: Social Explainable Artificial Intelligence (SAI) funded by the National Science Centre within the international competition “CHIST-ERA Call 2019”

Attachments: Call-for-proposals.pdf (0.2 MB)
Attachments: Zaproszenie-do-skladania-ofert.pdf (0.4 MB)

1. We offer participation in an exciting project providing collaboration and potential co-authorship with six leading European ML/AMS/AI laboratories.
Scope of work of the research project:
– Modelling the multidimensional concept of trust (“trust”) in a given data/information source using learning methods.
– Operationalisation and implementation of the above model in a multiagent distributed environment, taking into account the hardware limitations of individual agents.
– Modelling of pandemic virus dispersal using multiagent and learning methods, taking into account existing macro and micro epidemiological models.
– Interaction with co-participating partners in the SAI consortium.
– Active participation in meetings, joint publications and presentations of the overall SAI project.
– Participation in representing ICS PAS at SAI consortium meetings/presentations.

2. Requirements for the candidate:
– possession of a PhD in computer science, with a background in machine learning and a desire to learn the fundamentals of autonomous multi-agent systems, or vice versa;
– ability to think analytically – a solid mathematical foundation including the general foundations of logic, algebra, mathematical analysis and probability calculus;
– ability to learn autonomously;
– general programming skills using modern data science tools, e.g. Python, or a demonstrated ability to learn these tools in a short time;
– advanced knowledge of English (written and spoken);
– willingness to improve their knowledge and ability to work in a team.

3. Documents required:
– scientific curriculum vitae (CV) including: list of scientific and research achievements, i.e.: list of scientific publications, scholarships, awards, conference presentations;
– copy of diploma with doctoral degree.

4. The person envisaged for employment in this position will fulfil the following conditions jointly:
– the project manager was not a promoter or assistant promoter of his/her doctoral dissertation being the basis for obtaining the doctoral degree;
– obtained his/her doctoral degree in an entity other than the entity in which
obtained a doctoral degree in an entity other than the one where employment in this position is planned, or completed at least a 10-month continuous and documented postdoctoral
a continuous and documented post-doctoral internship in an entity other than the entity implementing the project and in a country other than the country where the doctoral degree was awarded.
In such a case, a person entering the competition will be obliged to present documented information on the postdoctoral internship which he/she completed in an entity other than the entity implementing the project and in a country other than the country in which he/she obtained his/her doctoral degree.

5. Type of contract: fixed-term employment contract (in the amount of PLN 10,000 per month gross-brut).

6. Planned date of starting work in the project no later than 10.09.2021 to 27.04.2024.

7. Deadline for receipt of applications 09.08.2021 to 03.09.2021.

8. Deadline for resolving the competition will be no later than 07.09.2021.
The decision of the Selection Committee is not subject to appeal.

9. Place for submitting documents:
in electronic form in pdf files to the following address: stanislaw.matwin@ipipan.waw.pl, wojciech.jamroga@ipipan.waw.pl
– with a note in the title “Competition for the post-doc ZAMS”.

Enquiries should be sent electronically to:
stanislaw.matwin@ipipan.waw.pl, wojciech.jamroga@ipipan.waw.pl
or to the IPI PAN administration department at: a.olszewska@ipipan.waw.pl


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