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Location (city):Gdańsk
Name of insitution:Politechnika Gdańska
Organizational unit:Gdansk University of Technology; Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics; Department of Antenna and Microwave Engineering
Application deadline:28/02/2022
Keywords:Engineering, Electrical engineering, electronics, Information and Communication Technologies
Additional information:
  1. A PhD degree in microwave engineering obtained not earlier than in 2015.
  2. Good publication record in JCR journals.
  3. The topic of PhD thesis related to design of microwave passive components or reconfigurable/multifunctional antennas/metasurfaces.
  4. Experience in using FEM CAD software.
  5. Proven experience of the design, fabrication and measurements of passive microwave components/antennas/metasurfaces.
  6. Good interpersonal and communication skills.
  7. Fluent English.

Post-doc in Prof. Michal Mrozowski’s project: New concepts in microwave filters, phasers, and multifunctional passive circuits for future RF systems. The goal is to develop new concepts for several classes of RF/microwave passive devices with novel functionalities and to propose the underlying theory for their efficient design with the properties that are desired for their use in novel radio systems. These RF/microwave passive devices are of interest in emerging RF chains to be used in novel communic and radar systems, and IoT sensors for human-centered wireless scenarios. Engineering of new types of bandpass filters, phasers, also multi-functional and reconfigurable passive components with enhanced performance and frequency-agile characteristics will be a priority. The post-doc will contribute to the synthesis of filters and phasers with dispersive couplings and also to multi-functional and reconfigurable passive components with co-designed RF capabilities (30 months employment).

contact person: Sylwia Wielechowska, mwave@eti.pg.edu.pl, phone: (+48) 58 347 19 24


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